Five tips on academic writing for graduate students

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A complete guide to academic writing for graduate students

There are two academic paper formats: APA and MLA.

Academic writing means that you get a specific task to do a research and provide the results of it in a form of a text. You should complete the paper with your own words describing the importance of the topic, its value for the readers and other things that depend on the type of paper. It always takes much time, so students come to us. We provide high-quality writing services and the tips that you can use for doing this task yourself.

Know the format of the paper

There are two major academic paper formats: MLA and APA. They differ and you should define which one you should follow when writing your paper. Ask your professor to give you the guidelines or simply google the type of the paper for your college. The right format means that you will use a specific font, margins and other things that will make these two formats look different. If you shift from one style to another within one paper, you will definitely fail even if you have a well-crafted research.

Define the goals

Think why you are going to do this task and what you can get from it. Think what kind of value you will include in your text. It’s not good just to write anything. In such a case, you will lose your motivation very quickly and you will probably procrastinate the task until the last night before the deadline. An effective academic writing starts with stating the purpose of your research and the whole paper in general. You can write it down and come back to it when you feel you don’t want to work on this project anymore.

Use the academic writing tips to craft a high-quality paper.

Plan your writing

No matter what kind of academic style writing or the type of the paper ou have, you should plan everything. Divide the time period into five sections:

  • Doing the research. It comprises analyzing the primary sources and writing down all the citations that you plan to use in the text.
  • Outlining. You will make a very detailed plan with short notes. Add the most suitable citations from the sources to make a complete story.
  • Writing the text. You can start with any part of the paper, so just develop a story out of an outline.
  • Editing and revising. It’s one of the most important steps. Here you will check if you have reached the goals that you defined at the very beginning of your way and you will correct all the mistakes if there are any.

Planning will take you less than 30 minutes, but it will save your time in the future. It’s good to have equal time periods for each section of the plan. You will even have some days of rest if you stick to the plan from start to finish.

Read the academic writing tips to craft any kind of paper with ease.

Improve your writing

If you feel that you are running out of ideas of what to write in the text or you simply want to know how to improve academic writing, we have a few tips for you. Start every morning with a writing routine. It will be a gymnastics for your brain. Spend from five to ten minutes writing everything that comes to your mind. You can describe the curtains in front of you or what you ate for dinner the day before. Another thing that will help you is getting a feedback from your tutor about your previous papers. And analyzing all the information you get about this.

Know the style and define the goals. You will easily cope with the task to write an academic paper after a proper planning of your work. The more you write the easier it will be for you to generate new ideas for your future papers.