Five steps to write an essay from scratch

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How to write an essay: a complete guide for students

Start your writing with an essay outline where you will state all the arguments.

Being a student means having a lot of writing tasks to cope with. One of them is essay writing. You will have to write this piece of the text no matter what kind of course you are taking. And you will procrastinate in most cases. Hopefully, we can help you and write an essay for you in this or any other case. Or we can help you with some advice. In this article, we’ll tell you how to pick up argumentative essay topics and how to make your text impressive.

Step 1: Define the topic

Choose the one that will be wide and narrow at the same time. It should be very specific, but you need to find enough information that you will include into the text. Your topic can be in a form of a statement or a question. But it should completely respond to the arguments that you will provide in the body part of the essay. Persuasive essay topics can also represent your position towards a question or a problem.

Step 2: Write an essay outline

This is the next step where you will shortly express your thoughts, ideas or some quotations from the books that you have read so far. Roughly divide your text into three main parts and the body part into sections. You will devote one section to one argument. You can choose only one position towards the problem or you can express several points of view. The result of your writing should be convincing the readers that your idea is the right one.

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Step 3: Write a thesis statement

This is the core sentence of the essay. According to the essay format, you should place it at the end of the introduction. If you have a five-paragraph essay, you will fit your thesis into one sentence. If you have another format, you can have up to one paragraph. This statement should completely represent the core message of the essay excluding any conclusions.

Step 4: Write a text

This is one of the easiest steps to take. You already know how to write a persuasive essay and all you need to do is to develop your short notes into complete sentences. The best and the easiest way to do it is to start writing. Don’t worry about the structure or some mistakes. You will correct everything later. Your text should consist of the introduction where you will describe the topic and provide reasons for choosing it. The body will contain your key arguments and their evidence. And you will sum everything up in the conclusion.

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Step 5: Edit and revise it

This is the final step. Start with evaluating your arguments and think if they are convincing enough. The next thing is to check if you have enough citations. And the last stages will comprise revising the structure and correction of all the mistakes that you will find in the text. You can use the software that will help you detect more errors to make your text smooth and readable. Or you can ask a pro editor to help you with making your text look clean and neat.

What’s more to know

The goal of this type of an essay is to persuade the reader. You should state a position and find reliable evidence that will support it. And you should finish with the conclusion that will impress the readers and make them agree with you. Or at least you can make them consider your position as something valuable and worth thinking about.