Top tips on how to make a good thesis outline

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Thesis statement outline: tips and tricks for students

Top tips on how to start a thesis and make it impressive.

A good thesis statement is one or several sentences that you place at the end of the introduction. You will have to develop this statement for almost every kind of academic paper. It has to express the main idea of an essay or provide the major arguments of a research paper. About 80% of students feel some difficulties with developing a thesis statement when preparing the paper. We’re always happy to help you in this case and do this task for you. Or you can follow our tips below to cope with the task yourself.

Define the purpose of the paper

Ask yourself what and why you are writing. Once you get the answers, you will easily turn them into a thesis statement outline. You can add some information about why you have chosen this very topic and what kind of value you can provide for the readers in this paper. You can come up with a lot of text that you will reduce to one or two lines. You cannot be sure that your thesis is compelling enough if you don’t have a clear definition of the purpose of the paper.

Analyze primary sources

If you still doubt how make a good thesis statement, analyze the information that you have already viewed. Just think what you can use to put into this part of your paper. Of course, you cannot use any citation as you should provide your own position towards the topic of the essay or any other kind of paper. Analyze different opinions and choose the one that you agree with. If it’s a problem, than you can choose the most suitable solution for it.

Read the article to find out how to make a good thesis statement

Make a list of variants

It’s good to have several variants to choose from. If you are wondering how to start a thesis, just do it. Write anything that comes to your mind and you will reduce the size of the text to a few phrases. You can make up a list of ten or even twenty variants of the thesis. And you can choose the best one after you finish writing the paper. In this case, you will be sure that your thesis fully relates to the rest of the text.

Make your thesis arguable

If you provide an obvious fact at the end of the introduction, you will make your readers think that your paper is too boring to read it all. You should think about some controversial points of view or any other thing that are not so obvious to agree with. If you write that smoking is harmful for your health, you will probably fail. But if you state that there’s one thing that can make any smoker give up this habit, you will evoke interest to see what’s inside the body part. But make sure you will provide this information.

Start with the thesis statement outline before working on the rest of the paper.

Thesis writing tips and tricks

Write only the information that is fully related to the topic and the one that you will include in the body part of the paper. Don’t provide any conclusions as you will do it in the corresponding part of the text. Think about describing all your paper in just a few words. Add a few more words about the importance of the topic for public and finish with expressing your personal position towards it. Use only your own words for developing a thesis and don’t use any parts from someone else’s texts.

A good thesis statement will fit into one sentence in most cases. But you will probably spend more than just a few minutes thinking how to develop a good thesis statement. So start your preparation early enough and don’t rush.