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It’s time to choose personal statement writing service

Writing personal statement is a part of the application process when entering a college.

A personal statement is a short essay where you give information about yourself and you provide reasons why you are a good candidate for the course that you’re applying to. It’s only a part of your application package, so don’t turn writing personal statement into a list of your achievements. You will provide all this information in other papers. Crafting this kind of a paper is a tough task, so we’re here to help you by doing this task for you.

We are a team of professional writers and we have written hundreds of personal statements for students from around the globe. If you want us to find you the best writer, service and for a moderate place, we will be happy to do that. Here’s how we work over the projects:

  • You place an order on the website and choose the type of the service;
  • You provide all the information and the requirements that you have;
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Ordering personal statement writing service: five steps

How to write a good personal statement?

If you want to craft the text yourself, we’ll give you a few tips on how to do it. The first thing that you should remember is that this text should be truly personal, so try to find at least one thing that would describe your personality.

Answer the question

You will find a new question for every new college application. And you should make sure that you are answering it in your personal statement. You will need to write personal statement for every single college separately. If you use one text for all of them, you are likely to fail as the admission committee members have enough experience to figure out that you haven’t answered the question.

Tell a story

Your goal is to make your text live and comepping. You should grab the reader’s attention from the very first line of the text and take him along the whole story up to the finish line. The best way to do this is to turn your statement into a story. It means that you should build up a logical structure with defining the key elements of the plot. And don’t forget about the conclusion. You can start your story with a question that you will answer in the text or you can use a citation of a well-known personality to represent a story from your past life.

Top tips on how to write personal statement by yourself.

Be clear and specific

Wateriness is a bad thing for you or any personal statement service. If you have your text ready, read it and try to remove words. If you take one away from the sentence and it doesn’t lose its initial meaning, you should delete it. The same works for phrases and even the whole sentences. Your text should have a clear structure and you should sound very specific about the topic.